Top upcoming digital marketing agencies in Kenya 


A recent study by Hootsuite revealed that there are 21.75 million internet users in Kenya and the number is only rising, this means brands have more access to millions of people daily.  With this much freedom and access businesses and brands have looked to digital marketing agencies to help them navigate the digital world bringing extensive growth to their businesses. Digital marketing agencies incorporate their expertise and knowledge to grow businesses and brands online providing a more professional and polished outlook on content made and published. Now that we have established that hiring a digital marketing agency is a very smart move for your business, let’s take a look at who are the top upcoming digital marketing agencies in Kenya.



 Native Wave Media.

Native wave media is one of Kenya’s upcoming digital marketing agencies because of its unique and hands-on approach. They help guide brands to grow their online presence through out-of-the-box design ideas and effective digital solutions. The marketing agency has contributed to the digital expansion and growth of innovative and growth-focused companies by incorporating its expertise in digital marketing tools, design, marketing operations, website development, and digital optimization. They solve their clients’ digital marketing problems with implementable solutions tailored specifically for them. Contact Native Wave Media for all your digital marketing needs to bring a competitive edge to your business and brand

 Archer Digital.

Archer Digital is a humble team of designers, photographers, filmmakers, developers, and strategic thinkers who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals through Digital Marketing. They help their clients conceptualize, design, and deliver digital content. Their creative department comes up with epic ideas that redefine the category and reorganize how people think. They work with brands that are committed to their customers and want to make an impressionable mark. They help develop brands’ visions to life for all budget ranges.

Click Interactive Media.

Click interactive media is a full-service creative agency in Kenya. They specialize in website development and digital campaigns. They are known for their dazzling and over-the-top ideas, and they help build brand identities that last. It is a multi-disciplinary company whose mission is to create value through technology, marketing, and design.


 Growthpad Digital Consultation.

Growthpad digital consultation is a digital experience agency that specializes in helping companies build their digital presence across online platforms. The agency brings experience that covers the likes of strategy, cinematography, and animation. They deliver impactful consumer experiences driven by innovation and insight.


 Dotsavvy Africa.


Dotsavvy Africa provides integrated digital business solutions to some of Africa’s biggest businesses and most loved brands. They are more than a digital marketing agency, they are focused on more fresh, out of the box for progressive businesses and brands that want to disrupt the status quo. They provide Professional photography and video production among other services.

 Hakika Marketing .

 Hakika is a digital agency based in Nairobi. They specialize in brand visibility and reputation through creative content. They major in Video, Animation, Graphics, and Photography. They help grow brand visibility and reputation through creative content creation. They also offer result-driven digital marketing services that help brands get a return on their investment.


Akus Digital Solution .


Akus Digital Solution is a digital marketing company in Nairobi whose primary objective is to help businesses grow and build their brand. They seek to understand their client’s business goals. They customize digital solutions based on the brand’s goals and needs. They focus on long-term strategic partnerships and opportunities to grow their clients’ brands. This one-stop digital marketing agency provides various services like Web design, social media marketing, content marketing, and lead generation services to clients of all industries.



Oradma is a full 360 digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. They provide a wide array of integrated Digital marketing solutions for their clients. They are more than just a digital marketing agency. They help their clients capture their vision and bring their digital space to life, they invest a lot in updating their team with the most relevant skills and knowledge to be able to deliver top-notch digital marketing skills to their clients. Their growth is rooted in a foundation of creativity, innovation, and efficiency.

Trio Digital.

Trio Digital is a Nairobi-based digital marketing firm in Kenya. The company provides hand-crafted digital marketing solutions that help clients effortlessly connect with their customers. Compelling design and strategic thinking are their specialties. The services they offer are not limited to SEO, SMM, Web design management, and optimization they also offer event management. They are located in Westlands, Njema Court. Trio Digital has partnered with a few brands like Rosslyn Riviera Mall, creative Moments, and Urban Live events.

Grid Branding Solutions.

Grid Branding Solutions Limited is aimed at providing the best solutions to corporates, small businesses, and other institutions helping them in advertising and marketing. They make sure that their client’s brands stand out in a highly competitive market. They help businesses in their day-to-day operations to improve their communication, customer relations, and overall brand recognition. They specialize in creative design, web development, brand development, photography, and digital marketing.


In conclusion, with the world  increasingly going digital,it is imperative to know how to choose the right digital marketing agency . Analyze your brand’s goals and needs, as well as the qualities of the digital marketing agency you are considering. Your brand and you will be able to choose the best digital marketing agency with the above list.


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