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The amazing benefits of good design in marketing your brand


For all manner of websites on the internet, most customers will be convinced to purchase products and services based on the design of the website and graphical illustrations used. Therefore the use of good design in marketing your brand is extremely necessary. Every business owner looking to maximize returns on investment will put particular interest in product design, as well as how good the product is portrayed on the internet.

Human beings are visual creatures and will therefore tend to choose a better design over a less visually appealing one, and for this reason, good design becomes a very critical part in marketing your brand.

A strong 48% of people surveyed by Tyton Media revealed the importance of design in their conclusion about a company. The research found out that the website design of a business was the number one factor in determining the credibility of the business.

This implies that good design is necessary for marketing your brand and earning credibility among your customers.

Reasons Why You Should Utilize Good Design in Marketing Your Brand

First Impression – The first impression that a potential customer gets about your brand goes a long way into determining how comfortable they feel about your brand. It was discovered in an online survey about first impression in business that design equals to a brands etiquette. T he better your design the better your business etiquette. As you can probably imagine, good design is integral to customer satisfaction and good reviews.

Customer Relationships – Humans are emotional beings and good relationships are built from a good emotional connection. This applies in the business world as well. A good design will create emotions of love and affection between your potential customers and your brand. This will increase their likelihood of converting into sales. for this reason, the use of design in marketing your brand will thus improve the impact of your overall marketing strategy.

Brand identity, look and feel – The biggest brands in the world are distinguished by the design of their logo, their website, or just the fonts they use across multiple digital and paper publications. This implies that a certain look and feel is left in the subconscious brain of each person who sees the design of your brand. When you look at the following logos, you immediately recognize the brands because you have seen the logos before. This shows that good design leaves a visual identity of your brand in the minds of consumers. Good design in marketing your brand is therefore an  indispensable move that will for sure maximize your returns on investment.

good design in marketing your brand

Consumer Trust – A well built and designed website with correspondingly well structured and designed content will appear as more authoritative in the eyes of the consumer. This is because good design implies knowledge in the field of concern as well as confidence in what you are offering. Most consumers are online trying to figure out which company is best suited to offer them substantial information, products, or services therefore good design will automatically and subconsciously convince the consumer that you are best suited to offer the assistance they need.

Brand Consistency – A company that uses similar designs in every related product and marketing campaigns is likely to establish a sense of consistency in what they offer. This works well with remarketing your products or services to existing customers. Whenever a previous customer sees the design of the new product, they will automatically connect to the previous emotions they experienced from utilizing your products and/or services before. If the design impressed them and so did what you offered initially, they may end up buying your new products and/or services.

good design in marketing your brand

Appealing to the right target audience – The use of design will catch the attention of the appropriate audience and potential customers. For example an ad for children will use cartoons and toys to catch the attention of ladies, an ad about body building equipment will have well built men and women placed within the content of the ad, and a Christian ad will most likely have a Bible or church building placed within the content. This implies that good design will appeal to the target audience more appropriately.

Helps with Search Engine Optimization – SEO is one of the key factors that improve a brand’s visibility in online searches. Google uses the ‘alt text’ attribute which is a description of what an image on your website represents. This attribute is used by google to display an alternative text whenever there is difficulty displaying the image. So if you configure the ‘alt text’ correctly for every image of a design in your website, this will boost the ranking of your website on google search results pages (Serps). Good design will therefore appeal to both humans and website crawlers. (software that locates content on your website and displays it to the internet user.)

good design in marketing your brand

Native Wave Media Offers Business Design and Branding Services in Kenya

If you are looking to incorporate the benefits of good design in marketing your brand, you need to work with a competent design and marketing agency that understands the importance of good design in the success of any business. Native Wave media is a Design and Marketing Agency that understands the fundamentals of a good marketing strategy which includes the infinite power of good design. The right design is integral to the E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthy) factors that distinguish a competent business from a rookie.


The use of good design in marketing your brand is by far one of the most important things you can do for your business. As above discussed, you cannot under estimate the power of design in your marketing campaigns. From creating a positive first impression to remarketing to existing customers, design is key to business growth and success.

If you are looking to maximize your marketing efforts then consider working with Native Wave Media, a Design and Marketing Agency that has your best interests at heart!

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