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Increase Your Website’s Visibility with These 5 SEO Tips

Website ranking or search engine optimization refers to a website’s position on any search engine’s result page. Ranking high on search engine results can be challenging. Because search engines like Google regularly change their algorithms, you must stay informed to improve your website’s ranking.

When performing search engine optimization in 2023, you have to consider two things.

  • First, you need to have good strategies that produce results.
  • Secondly, you need to ensure those strategies will not eventually produce a penalty that altogether knocks you out of the search results.

An optimized web page is ideally one way your blog, business, or whatever you are promoting can reach a wider audience and bring with it your desired results.

1. Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Page load time is the time a single page on your website takes to load. Statistics show that 79% of shoppers won’t return to a page with a slow load time, and sites that load in five seconds see 70% longer average sessions.

Optimize your page speed and server response time to give visitors a pleasant experience that will ensure they revisit your website.

2. Search Engine Listing

A ‘search engine organic listing’ refers to the natural or unpaid listing of a website on a search result page.

Google crawls millions of web pages and indexes content according to keywords before listing a website on a search engine.

Search engines index your content with the right keyword when you submit your website page content to them. In turn, this will help Google rank your content higher.

3. Produce High-quality Content

When people say ‘content is king,’ they mean high-quality content. Here are a few things you should consider when vetting the content on your website:

  • Is the content up to date? If you haven’t updated it since the day you built your website, chances are this dramatically affects your SEO ranking.
  • Is the content on my website engaging and informative? Your content should be valuable to your website visitors, the only reason people will keep coming back to your website is that they gained something substantial from your content.
  • Do I have cornerstone content on my website? Cornerstone content is the core content on your website. Ranking with cornerstone content is one way to scale up on the google search engine, and as Yoast tells it, sites don’t rank individual pages rank.

4. Invest in Advertising

Financially invest in your website’s success, and Google will reward you for it by ensuring more traffic comes to your site.

However, referencing our previous point, it is the value your content creates for people that will ensure they stay on your website and keep coming back.

5. Use Outbound Links

If you make certain claims, link to relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy sources, and your visitors will return for more content they can trust.

  • Few things to note when using outbound links
  • Make sure the information you are linking to is recent
    Ensure that links open in a new window, so visitors remain on your site and are not redirected to an entirely different site
  • Internal linking is also advised when using an outbound link, so visitors can find similar and relevant content on your website.

6. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

With over 60% of Google searches coming from mobile phones, the use of mobile phones for anything and everything is at an all-time high. Search engines care about their users, and a website that does not optimize for mobile phones will negatively affect their users’ experience.

7. Use of Keywords

Last but not least, make keywords your best friend and secret weapon. Select keywords that are relevant to your content, and that people are searching for before you even begin writing your content.

To avoid Google blacklisting your content as spam, you can follow a keyword density formula. Asides from following the keyword density formula, here are a few other rules for you to follow:

  • Insert keywords naturally into your content.
  • Make sure to add keywords to your header tag and image captions.
  • Using long-tail keywords should be prioritized.

Do your research on the best keywords to use for your website and start working with them.

While these are not the only way to boost your rankings, they are among the top most effective methods you can use. So, incorporate all of them into your website ranking strategy and be patient and consistent.

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