How to Use Social Media to generate potential clients

Have you ever found yourself lost despite exposing yourself to the vast ocean of digital marketing knowledge? You have the SEO basics grounded, various social media accounts, and a website set up but still have low conversions, engagement, and traffic and think something is amiss. Well, that’s what makes starting a business bittersweet, and such moments help build the foundational traits that are important in the life cycle of your business and life. . So today, we get to dive into the social media tactics you need to boost lead generation.

Think about marketing like a funnel. The basic function of a funnel is to guide substances into the desired container. The same case applies to a marketing funnel, it is designed to engage a target market from the point of first contact to the point of purchase. Social media being part of marketing covers helps keep clients engaged and hence drives up traffic and brand promotion which in turn is crucial in gaining potential customers. But where do we begin?

Launch Compelling Offers (The Bottom of the funnel)

The right incentives always get people’s attention. Take for instance the free webinars that Africa’s pocket does. Their specialty is financial freedom, a high-demand program, especially in our current economic strife. From the webinars, you get free information on savings, investments, and even a snippet of what you stand to gain from their platform.

From the webinars, they can promote their brand, drive up traffic to their website and acquire potential clients interested in their services. Discount codes, case studies, or free trials also offer compelling offers.

Testimonials (The Middle of the funnel)

Testimonials serve as factual evidence of your brand value. According to research done by Wyzowl, 2 out of 3 people are more likely to buy your services/products after reading or watching video testimonials.

We can take a look at the testimonials going around for crochet wigs company. There have been a lot of people sharing the scam they went through when they bought their products. A potential customer would steer away from the business once they hear such reviews. However, the reviews on Gilbeys make it the go-to poison for most Kenyans. Yes, I know these 2 examples lie in different categories but you have got to admit they shed a light on how testimonials are a double-edged sword. The more positive testimonials you get, the better your brand image and value gets.


Email Marketing (The Middle of the funnel)

This is the perfect tool for retargeting and engaging more with those that were interested in your compelling offer. Why? Because you get to nurture them through personalized, creative, strong email campaigns.

Let’s look more into Africa’s pocket marketing strategy. Webinars require registering, right? Well, if one webinar had 50 participants and out of that 20 are new, that’s 20 potential customers to nurture. Imagine how many potential customers you can have from each free webinar you host. It’s an endless supply to tap into. Africa’s pocket sends out newsletters to those participants to keep them engaged and discount offers when launched. Of course, having the option to unsubscribe is guaranteed. After all, customers are like kings to businesses.

Gated content offers (The Top of the Funnel)

Africa’s pocket courses can be considered gated content because you have to pay to access them. Same case with skillshare and Linkedin learning. With skillshare, you get a 7-day free trial, enough time to sample the benefits before settling on a payment plan.

With this strategy, you can use the highly specific targeting options of paid social ads to show your audience offers that are tailored to capture their interest.

Using retargeting ads

Retargeting depends on different scenarios. You could want to retarget those who only visit your blog on specific content or someone who clicked on your service page but didn’t fill out a form. Facebook has a feature that sets them apart from other ad networks and can deliver you leads.

From all the data gathered from email, Facebook, and Instagram insights, segment your audience based on the scenarios they fall under. You can use video ads, special offers, and promotions to convert non-converting leads.

Using Chatbots and messenger campaigns

Chatbots have made engagements more efficient and effective as its a 24/7 customer support system. For example, Tidio has various features like automated responses based on inquiries and campaign settings to promote a product on a web page. The key is to make the ad compelling enough to click then it is up to you to nurture them into conversion on the chat.

Facebook Messenger is also a great tool to use for engagement purposes. With 1.2 billion users, 26.5% of Kenyans are on Facebook according to the 2022 digital report. With this in mind, you have access to the local and global market to cultivate to your liking.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a booming sector nowadays. Look at Joy Kendi and Azzaid number of Ads they are on. You know they are famous for different things but the products they back up sell well and that’s the ultimate goal for all businesses. Of course, the influencer is compensated for their work, making it a win-win tactic.

P.S: You can do a live event with an influencer on set to promote brand credibility, sell and engage all in one session.

The Roundup

From offering discounts, gated content, email marketing, and retargeting to influencer marketing, a good social media strategy can boost the growth of a business yearly, putting you on par or past your competitors. It’s a matter of access to resources and budget. And that’s where we come in. With your interests at heart, we will use your customized content to engage your target audience and promote your brand across all channels in use.

By Grace Mwarania.

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