How SEO will massively benefit your business

Today, SEO(Organic search) is a front-runner for E-commerce websites, social media pages, and other digital platforms for modern businesses. It’s mainly about online visibility, the base business foundation, and the answer to SME growth.

Thanks to COVID, we now have a “new normal” in both personal and professional aspects of our lives. Undoubtedly, the shift has not been easy for SMEs. The strain has been tremendously horrid from the pandemic in 2022 to the Ukraine crisis and food drought.

According to Capital business, SMEs create 80 percent of employment, establish a new middle class and stimulate the demand for new goods and services. Most SMEs fall under the informal sector.

The informal sector is estimated to constitute 98 percent of business in Kenya, contributing 30 percent of jobs and 3 percent of Kenya’s GDP. Based on economic predictions SMEs are set to contribute 50 percent of Kenya’s GDP between 2023-2024. I could go on and give a more detailed description of how dire the situation is, but that’s not why you are reading this.

So benefits of SEOs to SMEs. Let’s begin with the most obvious one, Brand Visibility. With precise brand positioning to communicate services and products effectively to the intended target audience, your traffic be it a website or social media traffic will increase.

Of course, SEO is budget-friendly so you don’t have to fret about it emptying your bank. Appearing at the top list of search engine results exposes your brand and business to millions of potential shoppers, leads, and business opportunities.

Before I state the second benefit, I got a question for you. Do you go past the first page of your google search engine? Or do you believe if it’s not on the first page of a search engine it is not legit? I stick to the first page because of legitimacy issues. Not that I’m claiming page 2 and above results are not legit. It’s just my paranoia in play.

Well, that’s why SMEs must understand SEO basics, keyword research, technical SEO, and on-page and off-page SEO. Understanding how search engines generate search results can reduce financial risks(Cost-effective marketing) for SMEs. Through a joint effort between entrepreneurs, SEO specialists and marketers, and web developers like us your growth index is assured.

Previously, I mentioned that through brand visibility there is an increase in traffic. Well, thanks to the more visits, clicks, and views your website or social media get, the more “popular” it becomes in the eyes of search engines. Which in turn increases your conversion rates.

The data collected from your SEO helps you uncover customer behavior data, giving you more details about the way they browse your website, and popular content leading to making an informed decision making on your part on what works and what improvements your business needs.

With all the benefits mentioned, you must wonder what tools are at your disposal. I’m sure you have come across Google Analytics in your journey to understand how SEO is used. It divides your knowledge into 4 foremost sections:

  • Viewers-Reveals the Demographic, devices mostly used by your target audience and new visitors.
  • Acquisitions- Reveals which channels convey guests to the positioning: natural visitors, paid, direct, referral, by social networks or e-mail.
  • Habits- In this part, you know the way customers navigate your website, see what pages they attain once they enter the web page and the time spent on every page, and which web page they exit from can also be marked.
  • Conversions- You’ll be able to arrange conversions to trace conversions and the actions customers take in your website: signups, downloads, purchases, first-time callers, and extra.

Google Search Console is free and free keyphrase analysis tool that also helps figure out and resolve any points of your web page that could be hindering its efficiency. Thirdly, Google my enterprise is an ideal free tool for local shops. It reveals the hours, phone number, location, website, and any other information a potential customer could require.

Ahref webmaster Software provides audits and data on the number of visitors, location of the visitors, key phrases, alternatives, and solutions for hyperlinks throughout the net. Of course, we can’t forget about Google keyword planner traces key phrases related to your business. With insight into the content your target is interested in, you can make effective campaigns suited for your audience.

Lastly, we have “Answer the public” tool that generates a collection of questions customers ask online. With this, you can design your content to satisfy the general public demand. Unfortunately, there is a restricted amount of searches you can do per day.

The Takeaway.

SEO for SMEs is the golden touch when you visualize growth for your business. From getting visible, audience increases, increase in your conversion rate, reduced financial risk, to good effective content planning, your vision will be locked in, and attain all that you seek. True Search Engine Optimization is what happens when you write concise, authentic, useful content.

If you want to optimize your small business, holla at us. We can provide you with a customized SEO strategy to kickstart your spur growth.

By Grace Mwarania.

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