10 On-Demand Remote Jobs in Kenya

The new age of technology has created more opportunities for us to earn money whether it is full-time or as a supplementary source of income. If you are wondering what kind of well-paying remote jobs are available in Kenya, then read on for everything you need to know.

By now we are aware of how blogging can be of use to us. We’ve got travel blogs, political blogs, food blogs, beauty blogs, personal blogs, and corporate blogs. Regardless of which blog you choose, you get to share your ideas and inform your target audience. According to Ahref, there are 2400 searches of the term blogging every single day. 45000 monthly searches on the query ‘how to start a blog’, clearly shows there is a large number of people looking to become a blogger. But not all blogs are created equal. Some will be successful while others crash and burn. Lucky for you, Linkedin learning has courses like writing a compelling blog, writing articles, and writing under a deadline to kickstart your blogging career.

Side note: You don’t need to be an expert, just pick a profitable niche you love to talk about, a good platform(i recommend WordPress), and be consistent. This is just to get you started

This is just a short form of video blogging. Vlogs can be criticism, entertainment, educational, or lifestyle videos. Vloggers like bloggers put an aspect of themselves or a version of themselves for the world to consume. For example ‘Over Twenty Five”. This group shows their funny, sassy sides in a range of topics like love, money, life hacks, and other topics of interest while taking a look at the life of a twenty-something woman in Nairobi.

You need a nice consistent schedule, a high-quality camera (preferably a phone for beginners), and professional editing software like adobe. You will need to put in the work for a long-run success tactic. Usually, they will be one video that will push you to the limelight but the blood, sweat, and tears will pay off as long the content speaks to your target audience.

Content Creator/ Influencer.
Most content creation is digital since that’s where a majority of it is consumed(and where the money is at if you are looking to earn revenue through content creation). For businesses, content creation can mean newsletters, emails, digital marketing materials, brochures, social media, articles, or company communications. Basically, content is what the reader derives value from. Fortunately for you, content creation encompasses a lot, so you need to find your niche based on your expertise and decide on what type of creator you want to be.

Digital Marketing.
Your online marketing activities are considered digital marketing. With more people using the internet to browse, connect, and buy, its influence to engage customers grows every year. A good digital marketing strategy leverages different platforms like SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing social media to connect with existing and new customers interested in your product/ services. Check out how SEO can boost your small business HERE!

Social Media Management.
Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms. It could be for your personal brand or business. You get to use your experience, tools, and services and analyze the performance of the content you put out.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary in Kenya for an entry-level for this role is 37K, and mid-level is 58K, senior level 97K. Of course, this can change according to your negotiating power but overall it’s a good-paying gig.

SEO Expert.
Being an SEO expert is about understanding how search engines work and knowing what it takes to grow organic search traffic on a consistent and repeatable basis. With the number of online businesses and websites increasing, this role will be and is in demand. The added advantage of this role is the knowledge of other marketing areas such as content, design, and social media, highly transferrable skills.

Virtual Assistant.
The title makes the sole purpose of this role obvious. Their entire business model is helping other businesses thrive which means they can help their clients adapt and pivot to changing times as well.

In addition, the role has numerous transferable skills fit for office experience. Use Upwork as your plug for this opportunity.

Video Editor.
Video shorts are one of the digital trends to watch in the next few years. That makes video editing skills desirable to employers, don’t you think? Along the way, you will need software to practice. So look into Adobe, Wondershare Filmora, or Openshot.

Graphic Designer.
Graphic design is a composition of visual elements that uses text, photos, and illustrations to communicate ideas. The most desirable skill for this role is knowing how to use Adobe Suite to complete projects. Other skills include UX design, Photo editing, design principles, and digital technology(HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheet).

Canva Design School, Udemy, Linkedin learning, or Dribble workshops are great platforms to improve your skills.

Web Developer.
A web developer is someone who builds or develops websites or web applications. There are three kinds of web developers, Front-End Web Developers, Back-End Web Developers, and Full-Stack Web Developers.

Front-end developers are involved in making the interface(visible parts) of a website or web app. This is what visitors see and interact with. Back-end developers develop the server side of a website or web app. Personality wise they are logical, love data and technical construction. Full-stack developers do both the front and back-end work.

For you to become a web developer learn these 3 skills;

  • Markup languages
  • Style sheet(HTML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Scripting languages

Closing Remarks.
Whether you decide to become your own SEO expert, a blogger, or a graphic designer, I believe Native Wave Media can be a partner and an asset, particularly in SEO and Social media marketing. For more information, bookmark our blog.

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